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23rd.Jan.2006 | 05:40 pm
mood: Claustrophobic
music: Thursday - Paris in Flames
posted by: azangkaa in angel_diaries

The rain finally stopped this evening. Azusaanga doesn't seem to notice the water coming in along the edges of the roof, but it's getting worse. I put a couple of buckets I scrounged off the landlord, Zack (his real surname's Zając, but he's under the probably correct impression that the English pronounciation of it would be too upsetting), to catch the drips. The wall has unpleasant grey-green tinged streaks across the white, and the paper's peeling off all along the edges. I must've been to Zack a hundred times in the last four months, but he never seems to get around to doing anything about it. Perhaps he honestly can't afford to - who knows.

The clouds are already regrouping on the skyline: the grey on grey on grey cityscape that only England has truly perfected. I reckon we'll have rain again by this evening. I've got to escape this bloody flat tonight.

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