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28th.Jan.2006 | 05:58 pm
mood: draineddrained
music: My Dying Bride - From Darkest Skies
posted by: azusaanga in angel_diaries

Oh, sweetness. The Lilim presented far more of a challenge than I expected. My original recon had only indicated that there were about nine or ten of the bastardlings. When I smashed in through their window, there were a lot more. A fuckload more. Twenty-one, when I finally counted the corpses.

Not that it was there numbers that bothered me. No, it was the fact that two of the pitiful bunch had stayed off the smack long enough to learn some bastardised Wiccan/Ars Goetia sorcery, and had set up a patchwork of wards against angels. So as soon as I entered their lair, it felt as if someone whacked the inside of my head with a sledgehammer. After that, facing a bunch of vicious demonlings with little interest in self preservation got quite a bit harder.

I killed them eventually, but not before getting punched, bitten and stabbed multiple times. It took a little magic of my own to take down the two sorcerers; they had hidden themselves inside their protective circle, which I had to unweave before I could get at them. Still, they died bravely enough.

After that, their magicks came apart pretty easily, but the crushing headache they had inflicted on me did not dissipate. Bleeding quite badly, I limped back home. Azan was there, passed out in one of his bloody opium circles. He's as bad as the fucking Lilim.

I slipped into bed, and passed out into the healing coma. About four hours ago, I woke up. My wounds had healed, and the headache had passed, but Azan was nowhere to be seen. Again. What is that, two weeks now since we've spoken face to face, friend?

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