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25th.Jan.2006 | 08:51 pm
mood: Blank
music: Silence
posted by: azangkaa in angel_diaries

Somehow, I reckon I'm starting to like Britain. Of all the places you could wake up in the gutter, with a mind-raping headache, it has to be the best. Whatever you see first as you open your eyes just always seems perfectly to fit the hangover mood. I was woken - somepoint today, not sure when - by the water dripping onto my face from the slightly overhanging house above. Bloody lovely. Judging by my head, and my general level of dehydration, I must have got hold of considerably more than just that vodka. For some reason, I can't remember what, when, or how, though...

After about half an hour, someone walked by. It was a young guy - maybe twenty? - quite attractive. Mid-length curly dark hair framed a face I couldnt't see for glare. Been staring at the sky too long. He looked at me with curiosity and - I'll admit, perfectly justified - disgust, before skirting around me and on. Hmm. Probably a sign I should be getting up and doing something about myself.

I got home maybe another hour after that. I walked the streets for a bit, trying to clear my head with far-from-clear city air. On the way back to the house, I passed a burning one. Thankfully the days' of rain have soaked everything, and the fire had all but spent itself, leaving only blackened rims like eyeshadow around two of the windows. Not entirely sure whether I care if people were in there or not. I'd quite like to believe that I wish the wasn't anyone.

And now I'm back. The computer's off - good - but the window's open and it's fucking freezing. But there's still a warm patch on the bed, bedclothes strewn outward from it. Tuesday can't have been gone long. Off to murder another bunch of the Lord of the Flies' shit-spawn, no doubt. Well, each to their own. Can't see the bloody point myself. Still, I wish I hadn't missed him. I never seem to see him these days.

Oh well. Hopefully he'll be back at somepoint tonight. I've drawn a chalk circle on the floor, and lit a stick of the Indian AD1432 Bahmani Dynasty inscence. You can't get stuff of this quality these days. It's become a cheap new-age fasion accessory. Back then they knew how to make it strong - along with what I infused into it myself. I love that slightly sweet edge to the smell of opium. I'm going to meditate for a bit. Ridiculous, I know. Mixing cultures. But hey. It's a headache cure that's always worked for me.

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