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25th.Jan.2006 | 07:25 pm
mood: coldcold
posted by: azusaanga in angel_diaries

Azan and I have spent too long in Britain: all we talk about is the weather. Not that I have spoken to Azan for several days, he's always been out somewhere, or asleep. I guess it must be him that put out the buckets. I honestly had not noticed that the roof was leaking. That worries me slightly.

I have spent all day inside, wrapped up in blankets, shivering. It is cold, very cold. I don't think we could afford to pay the gas bill, so we have had no heating. I just kept sharpening my sword, in an attempt to keep myself warm.

Now that the sun has fallen, it has warmed up. Odd, that. A couple of streets away, a house has caught alight. The sound of sirens fills the air. It is most disturbing, and I can't concentrate. I think I might go kill something.

Yesterday, I sniffed out a lair of Lilim, squatting in an abandoned apartment a few blocks away. The stupid things have gone and got themselves hooked on heroin. Not that I'm judging, I've spent a couple of decades as a junky. But little half-demons don't have anything like the willpower of an angel, and they've taken to thieving to feed their addiction. They really need to be put out of their misery.

Normally, I'd wait for Azan, but as he doesn't seem to be around, I'm sure that I'm capable of ending the pathetic bastards myself. My sword is certainly sharp enough.

And I'll remember to switch off the computer, Azan. But don't you think my little messages are cute?

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